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Ways You Can Help

BSL version here.

This campaign really needs your help, and we cannot do this alone.

1. Please let your contacts know about this. We do not know everyone. The more people who are aware of this proposal, the better.

2. Letters of support. This is the most important bit, and the only way the decision makers at the University of Bristol will really know of objections.

Letters are needed from individuals and organisations. Please as soon as possible (and before Thursday) send a letter expressing your own views about the value of CDS’s work to the address below. Feel free to use letterheadings from your own organisations if appropriate. The decision on the future of CDS is being made THIS WEEK.

In your letter, please do not mention individual CDS staff by name, as this may have a negative effect.

Who to send the letters to:

Professor Eric Thomas
Vice Chancellor
University of Bristol
Senate House
Tyndall Avenue
Bristol BS8 1TH

Professor David Clarke
Deputy Vice Chancellor
University of Bristol
Senate House
Tyndall Avenue
Bristol BS8 1TH

E mail: dvc (at) bris (dot) ac (dot) uk

This is now going to Council, please could you also e mail:

Mr J Wadsworth:
Mr IEG Ray:
Mr J Bramhall:
Mr C Curling:
Mr C Green:
Mrs D Moore:
Mr GK Morton:
Professor L Hall:
Professor AE Waterman-Pearson:
Professor PJ Booth:
Dr SE Heslop:
Dr DM Newbold:
Mr RT Massie:
Ms P Lawrence-Archer:
Mr OB Peachey:
Miss RE Jackson:
Emma Di’Lorio:

Please also copy this letter to: So we know what has gone to the university. With permission, we would like to blog some of these of support letters (and to inspire others). Please indicate if you are will do do so, and if you want certain parts of the letter edited.

If you need to ask any questions, please e-mail. REMEMBER: this needs to be done by Thursday, and sooner if possible.

4. Sign the petition.

More ways you can help

a. Can you blog / vlog about this?

b. Can you offer some translation services? To translate what is happening into BSL, ASL, etc. We need to reach out to everyone.

c. Make some noise on Twitter. Use the hashtags #bristoluni #deaf and other key words. The University is on Twittter @bristoluni ask them some questions. Include cc. @bristoluni when discussing this. You are also welcome to follow @Deaf.

d. Add a Twibbon to your Twitter picture.

e. Join the Facebook group

f. Discuss this on mailing lists.

g. Do you have media contacts? Please can you use them. We need noise.

h. If you’re going to Deaf events, please let people know about this.

….. anything else you can think of or want to do to show your support!

And Thank You!

Whatever way you help, we appreciate it. Together we can try and protect the global development of Deaf Studies from other similar threats in the coming wider financial crises.

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