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Who We Are

This website has been put together following the communication of a few individuals who are shocked at the news of the possible closure of the BSc in Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol. We do not have a formal group (as yet), but we wanted to put a website together urgently to publicise the threat. If you know of a campaign group set up, or of any actions planned, please let us know so we can publicise it and encourage as many people to become involved as possible.

If you need to contact us, you may do so by e mailing:

The Background

The UoB says it is doing this for financial and academic reasons – that it is expensive and does not fit faculty priorities. This will mean that around 75 % of CDS staff will lose their jobs, including most Deaf staff, and will reduce CDS to a ‘rump’. We believe the consequences of these proposals will have a disastrous impact on Deaf and hearing people in many ways. These include :

* exacerbating the existing crisis in the UK Deaf community caused by the acute shortage of interpreters,
* negative effects on the present students,
* severe reduction of CDS’s ability to continue its 30 year tradition of initiating and supporting progressive academic and other Deaf-related developments, including lobbying for Deaf rights and achieving equality with hearing people,
* retardation of the global development of quality Deaf Studies work,
* negative impact on Deaf people’s access to a wide range of vital information.

Under UK law, the University is required to carry out an assessment of the effect of its planned actions on Deaf/disabled people, and on the community in general. It is clear that you, the wider community have not been consulted in this way.

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