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The Campaign Carries On…

by Greg on September 29th, 2010

Hello again to all our supporters and friends, its been a long summer with much work involved for all of us in the campaign team.

We would like to say thank you to all of those people who helped us during our initial campaign this spring, whether this was signing our petition, writing letters or coming to our protests, it all helps.

It appears that our efforts have had some effect as University management have lessened the pressure of cuts on CDS in the short term; however, the fight does not end there and with the government announcing its Spending Review on 20th October, things look set to get worse for everyone and so the fight to save the Centre for Deaf Studies and it’s BSc Deaf Studies degree looks set to carry on through the ‘autumn of discontent’ which will see campaigning events being held by the Save Deaf Studies campaign as well as nationally by the UCU and NUS unions.

The University’s next step in its quest to aimlessly swing its unfair and shortsighted battleaxe of cuts upon CDS has been to appoint a temporary ‘Facilitator’ who will;

  • Investigate where CDS can be re-located within the University – All the other departments and faculties are being told to cut, will they want another new centre amidst the need to cut…
  • Investigate how staff who stand to lose their jobs as the degree gets dissolved in 2013. – We can’t see how teaching staff can be kept beyond 2013 as no alternative course has been proposed or guaranteed.

One of our responses to these actions has been to hold a ‘public meeting’, which has been proposed by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU). It is hoped this will take place mid-October, after the Spending Review is announced and we intend to highlight the effects these cuts will have on CDS and higher education elsewhere.

We want to hold this meeting around the time of any Demonstrations, BUT NOT ON THE SAME DAY! – Tell us when your Demos are happening at

If you think you can help with setting up our ‘public meeting’ such as finding a venue or would like to speak then please also e-mail us, any help us appreciated.

Finally, the UCU, both locally and nationally are supporting our campaign and more importantly, so are you! Thank you again for all your support that hasn’t been without impact :-). The BSc degree will continue to be taught until 2013 though, whatever happens, however, beyond that, there are no guarantees.

All of which means the campaign continues to remain extremely important, and we’ve remained committed to trying to ensure the Centre has a future that involves teaching and research.

Please carry on supporting our cause, our staff, our students and most importantly, the 70,000 strong Deaf community who efforts work to support on a daily basis.

Thank you,


Save Deaf Studies Campaign Team


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  1. nocds permalink

    “We can’t see how teaching staff can be kept beyond 2013 as no alternative course has been proposed or guaranteed.”

    It is now Dec ’12 and it seems the final death knell to deaf studies has just been dealt by the Dean this week, with a range of voluntary and forced redundancies. No staff means no degree and no teaching.

    Thanks to the campaigners and this website. Some really good people will soon be looking for a job.

    I have some inside knowledge of what has been going on, and I find the behaviour of the University to be unethical and disgraceful.

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